I invite you to enter with me a jewel-encrusted world….a world of magical, mythical creatures……a doorway to the possibilities which already exist in your imagination.You will see elements of earth, air, fire, water…..shells, flowers, butterflies, leaves, crystals, beads, glass and all types of objects which bring to life otherworldly creatures…. mermaids who float upon the sea, turtle goddesses, mystical lovers, ethereal angel fairy women…all beckoning to you, the viewer to share their delight. I, the artist, bring into physical form that which exists in my soul in order that you may discover that which exists in yours.

As an artist I am both creator and alchemist. I begin with the lead of my everyday existence and transform into the gold of spiritual enlightenment through the process of creating my art. Art is how I make sense of it all. How I illumine my life. I pass that gift on to you.

I mine mythology and dream imagery for a visual language of the soul. Using universal archetypes and symbols combined with personal stories, my art is both personal and universal.

I adorn my paintings with the sparkle of shimmering beads, crystals, and gold leaf. This is a conscious act of uniting heaven and earth, the divine union between the spiritual and material realms. As above, so below. On earth as it is in heaven. Painting grounds my creations on the earth and embellishing them enlivens their presence with the sparkling light of the heavens.

Each of us has the capacity to create “heaven on earth” by connecting to the CREATIVE SPIRIT inside our souls. This is how we can access our own healing and transformation. I invite you to join me…..may my art fire up your imagination, take your spirit on a soaring journey of inspiration and reflect the beauty of your soul. Take me home with you and every day I will be a reminder that the treasures of the universe lie within your being.

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    I can’t understand what your site is about and so am wondering why you would want a link to mine. Thanks. Elizabeth

    May 9, 2011 at 6:49 pm

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