Gypsy Queen


I embark upon this journey

My body, the vessel of my soul

My first transformation…..birth

My mother cries out

I am born in fire and blood

The birthing waters cool me

I am pure passion and innocence

I sail forth into unknown territory

The wisdom of uncertainty rocks my cradle

I am adorned with love

I hear the words you cannot speak

I sense the suffering all around me

The world tries to take me down

I do not let it

My second transformation…..I walk

I give my seeds to Mother Earth

She nourishes my roots

I am pure light and laughter

My veins are filled with joy

I lift my branches to the sky

The clouds of knowing are my pillow

I dream of glory

My third transformation…..first blood

I am the womb of Creation

I join the circle of women

The spiral of life is born within me

I am the kiss of Venus

Sensuality soothes my soul

I am pure beauty and grace

I am the infinite

My fourth transformation…..death

My father is torn from this life

My heart is shattered

I am broken pieces, jagged edges

I am falling, falling into an endless black hole

My spirit is covered with ashes

I am wracked with pain…it holds me captive

Anger bars my way…guilt is my jailer

I yearn for freedom

Prayers are my only anchor as the storm rages through me

In my burning bed I dream of the phoenix

I am the winged flame

I am the resurrection

My dance is the rites of spring

A child is born within me

My fifth transformation…..I give birth      My body is split in two

A valley opens between my mountains

The tree of life bursts from me

Blossoms bloom upon her branches

From the blood of my womb

From the flames of my passion

I give birth to this child

My blood binds together the broken fragments of my self

I pledge my body, my heart, my life to her well-being

Forevermore my heart shall walk outside my body joined to hers with the cord of my love

I have walked through the cavern of death

In giving birth to this child I have given birth to my self

I drink from the chalice of life

I can taste immortality

My vision is the feast of miracles.

Elizabeth Gibbons


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  1. shivani

    Immensely touching…especially for a woman..Ii can so connect with it!

    June 17, 2012 at 10:17 pm

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