Divine Sparks from the Bejewelled Baroness

“The Beaded Lady-Our Lady of Guadelupe” at The Palace of the Soul

From the Royal Court of the High Priestesses of Possibility

We do hearby decree that six women, have been initiated into the tribe and are now honored with the title of Embellishment Queen.  On the 17th & 18th of December in the year 2011, a gathering of legendary women took place that is ushering in the dawning of a new age.  Beneath the roof of “The Palace of the Soul”, an alchemy of spirits reigned and an abundance of joy and enchantment surged forth and created a river of love.  Chief Laughing Cloud and the Bejewelled Baroness lead these legendary women through the rituals of luminous creativity.

We all took part in the ebb and flow of life and encountered within ourselves the endlessness of being.  We overcame the commonness of our lives and expanded into the spirit that dwells in the eternal wonderment of our souls.  All circumstances were welcomed and we together followed the golden road of glittering beads to the mystery they embodied.

A veil of beauty descended from a cosmic cloak of stars of Our Lady of Guadelupe and it shimmered and sparkled until all the atmosphere hung suspended like a magical glow of fireflies.  A shift in the consciousness of the universe and of the newly initiated Embellishment Queens occurred that will have consequences of great prosperity and healing for the planet. We thank you for your service and commitment to your soul’s Creative Sparkle and to self-love and self-honor.

We encourage you to share and to bless others with your Soul-Shine.  Together we can spread the sparkle and share the bliss!!! Glitteracy for All!!!!!!