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Glitteracy spoken here…


Of the many thousands of experiences that we live, we find language for only a portion of these……..

What happens to the rest?

Where do they live in our inner being?

Where are they buried?….in our minds, our bodies, our spirits?

Those unseen, unspoken experiences…how do they shape the form of our lives?

Casting the Spell Painting in Progress

Our “mute” experiences exist somewhere in the essence of who we “be” in the world.  Sometimes causing dis-ease, imbalance and pain if they get “stuck” in our bodies. Sometimes inspiring actions that bring unwanted results.

Who I am is not what has happened to me although sometimes it feels that way…then how do I move from this place to being the conscious creator of my envisioned, enchanted life?

WITH A BIG PAINTBRUSH and a LARGE CANVAS…….and a lot of sparkling gems…

It all happens in the studio. Releasing hurtful memories, transforming pain, dancing between the many facets of myself..

Creating art heals every particle of my being; I honor myself by painting.

This is my invitation for you to join me in the world of Glitteracy…

Elizabeth, The Bejewelled Baroness